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Business Survey example 3

Small Yi's mother Mrs. E is U founder, in a small should still small when her father died. Mrs. E into business, bigger day by day U group. This cautious mother will have small gift for art and design daughters to go abroad, to design institutions should send a small Italian study art.

Soon, small should come back from abroad, returned to the W City. Because Mrs. E something, go public. Small should want to come back to help, but little should be relied on their own do not want to enter the mother's identity. Small should be holding their own design work to the interview, but also very smoothly into the group. But because it is new coming in, should be small as an intern, have to follow the older generation to learn. Young, energetic little should quickly became the company's top assistant designer K, and K is a proud and arrogant people, not to see other people than her. And she should simply look down on small, so always instructed her errands and shopping, no one pay attention to her. However, the small dream should understand their own identity, design your own stuff. So take advantage of spare time, has done a lot of innovative furniture design. And K should go out to run errands in a small, small stumbled should work, should feel little talent beyond their own, and my heart can not be reconciled, while small should not copy the design, they should be in front of the front of a small tear up the drawing. Free to find the reason, the small front out of the company.

Not long after, K of the new design has been welcomed, and also won the world-class art prize. K should be read of small works precisely their efforts. But she could not, she is no evidence of plagiarism K. When being small should be sad, happened to encounter staff of the Society. His own situation told Xinhua staff, commissioned by the Society would like to help catch K plagiarism evidence of her work.

This is also the time, Mrs E for business to come back, Mrs. E want their daughter to help, without the knowledge of Mrs. E should be transferred back to turn a small company, but should see a small K turned out to be the daughter of E too, feel that they will lose Mrs. E heart weight, but afraid to do things exposed, so she began to think of ways small should be off. After small should come back, a lot of designs are also welcome to see Mrs E should be full of praise for small, K getting flustered. Home in internationally renowned journals, the group would like to invite U to design some furniture, like a magazine but only allows a designer, K and small should naturally become competitors. Because of this a magazine meant to become the world's designers, K course, can not give up the opportunity. She bribed the assistant should be small, while small should go back to work. Copy and sold to Group F rivals have smaller designs.

K E immediately told his wife should sell a small company issue. Mrs. E Group F saw the company produced published work, feel that their daughter is a betrayal of the interests of the company who will cast her out U group. Small Yi told Xinhua she was no choice but to get rid of the issue, and smiling staff told Xinhua small E, there are ways to help small should be clarified.

Head Office staff to follow the small advised to U Group and Mrs E meet, will have smaller computer security systems to open, from small should the computer system has been defense, when there is not a small appropriate use of computers, there are many things to be opened, the process is automatically shoot under. The assistant found the ghost of what should small MIMI, MIMI was assistant into the interrogation room, she told the whole thing to the threat of K say. K after getting caught and dismissed U group. Mrs. E and found himself unjustly daughter, and small should apologize. They are very grateful to the Society.

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