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Children Case 1

In one morning, Mrs. N received a school phone, that little N has not come to class five days.

Mrs. N was incredible, because Mrs. N N feel small from small to large is a sensible and well-behaved boy. His son can not not go to class. Mrs. N dubious to school, she did not know her son often absent.

We all know that the boys seventeen or eighteen, when it is rebellion. Back home, his wife and small N N the noise from the planes. Gradually, Mrs. N said that every time because some of the small things, such as language problems, small and Mrs. N N always dispute. Later, his son was torn off and discipline, Mrs. N N is more often found in small night out, locked the door, then locked himself in a back room.

N spend more and more small hands and feet. Sometimes in the morning gave the money, in the evening and asked to take the money, do not give yourself away Mr. Mrs. N or N in cash. N little more rude, beginning not respect their parents, do not respect their elders. Every day small and Mrs. N N are mutual accusations, arguing. Even once, because small N of late, the two quarrel. N furious wife played a small N, N actually raised his small knife, in blocking aunt next door, the small N was calm himself.

In a chance, Mrs. N to Emma's. The company commissioned by Mrs. N, N small survey of daily whereabouts. Xinhua small N First school to understand the current situation, and then tracking the whereabouts of N small. Investigators found a small first N will take advantage of parents are not home, or parents to sleep, went to nightclubs to drink and smoke. After some time, a small N began fraternizing with the people of the club. After that, in the investigator found, there is little N and drug taking ecstasy, under the lights, with music when he was a lot of sway.

Xinhua through surveys, organize, and indeed a small case of N, N and immediately notified the couple.

Xinhua recommendation N N couple with small re-establish a good parent-child relationship, so that small N to maintain a stable good mood, encouraged him to tell the truth drug, and then accompany him to spend together. N couple to accept the views of the Society, and try to communicate and small N, accusing each other from before, changed to understand. N is no longer only a couple small matter to take care of N, but at the personal care and help small N the right to face setbacks in life arise.

After helping families and social workers, small N to successfully emerge from drugs, away from the kind of erosion life before, after N couples pay attention to the spirit of sharing small N's.

Xinhua provide children investigation, save the family and promote family happiness.

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