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The Company is a registered trademark in Hong Kong

Trademark Registration Number:303916080



The company is a member of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Security

Asia Pacific International Private Detective Agency and internationally renowned ROMAN SECURITY as the main security consultants and partners, the scope of services, including site security, protection of politicians and escort and other security services.


  • Russia by overseas investigators
  • World Detective Association backbone members
  • Is now Asia Pacific International Private Detective Agency overseas survey consultants and partners

M.Young Anderson

M. Young Anderson was an American retired Army officer who served as the 12th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

  • 1990-1992 Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, US Garrison Intelligence Agency.
  • 1992-1994 Commander-in-Chief of the US Army Intelligence Agency.
  • In 2003 joined the United States Department of Homeland Security, as information analysis intelligence assistant secretary-general.
  • In 2005 joined L-3Communications as vice president.

Asri Bin Che Din

Mr.Asri bin che din is a Malaysian Royal Air Force soldier who served as a TJP37 school instructor (SPK) during which BBCI rescue training was conducted at RMC SG. After being commissioned to perform the 'ARMS' task.

Prior to retirement in 2014 was appointed salary assistant, to October 20, 2015 retired.

Professional qualifications

  • Commander of the Army Training Command
  • Command the army field command

Is now Asia Pacific International Private Detective Asia Pacific planning and investigators action training consultant, the main Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines and any other cases.

Ronland V. Caltor

Professional national security, intelligence analysis, defense, intelligence and homeland security operations. Ronald V. Caltor graduated from the National Bureau of the FBI in 1962. And served as Commissioner of Greenville from 1969 to 1995.

Ronald V.Caltor was also a member of the 1969 establishment of the Miami Police Department. Spent more than 26 hours in the Miami police, upgraded to assistant police chief, served as president of the Miami City Police Union, and then served as vice president of the National Brothers police chief.

In 1986, after retiring from the Miami Police Department, he was appointed Director of the Police Station in Hollywood, Florida.

Member of Hong Kong Private Detective Association