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Example 2 injury investigation

Profit-oriented society, impatient culture, so that people gradually no patience. Some people, they began to get something for nothing, always want money automatic door.

Recently, in a street of a small business, because of the instability of the market, the enterprise funds have a lot of loss of one salary for the injury rest. One worker gave small businesses a monthly payment of P injury recuperation salaries. Because of rainy weather, the field in the damp floor, small P in cargo handling time, accidentally fell down, get up on the floor. P business executives will be sent to the small hospital, but the test results a little scratch, small P says he, stand up paralyzed. Executives feel to the money, do not trouble the small P, can be had for a few months, small P wheelchair said he, because by the time the work injury, paralysis of the needs of enterprises take full responsibility. Ms. H, general manager of the enterprise now find spending a lot for this lazy behavior skillfully taking the measures must be taken.

General Manager Ms. H companies, shopping in the street accidentally discovered Emma's international detective. Ms. H try holding the mentality, into Emma's and met the staff and hope that through Emma's investigation, can take small P malingering and pretend to be paralyzed evidence. In this way, Ms. H can be terminated to compensate small P, preventing small P unearned such behavior, and can have a deterrent effect within the company. Emma's company sent a detective has many years of experience of staff, Mr. E. Mr. E from the beginning to the day-night tracking small P, P will find little slick, even in his own house is in a wheelchair, pretending to fall out also need to passers-arm. Mr. E was found, so the day tracking no effect. Mr. E, returned to the company, investigated the background of the small P. Found a small P, from small to large school seriously and work slovenly and irresponsible. Wife married for five years, but also because of complacency small P, and divorced him a year ago, took the child three years old. His wife left, small P become more selfish.

Mr. E, adopted a new program, he and his assistant, in the small P in the park when the sun. Assistant walked beside the small P accidentally dropped a five hundred dollars, which is five hundred yuan deliberately fell in with a small P some distance. When the small P see five hundred, is not around to see people around, while no one was looking, stand up and go Jianqian. At that time, Mr. took a small E and P stand up Jianqian process. Emma's investigation of these short films to Ms. H. Short to lobby within the enterprise play, small P had to make a written apology and retraction of all work-related injuries sent recuperating salary. So things come to an end.

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