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Example 1 affair investigation

R family has set up more than a decade, a child and a woman, it is to make up a good character.

In front of people, Mr. R is a careful and considerate, humorous gentleman men, whenever Mr. R and his wife attend R together a variety of entertainment, people will praise Mr. R gentleman, Mrs. R elegant and generous, end Zhuangyou Li. Mrs. R and naturally also in a very sweet state of bliss.

However, the time goes by, people change. Mrs. R found her husband a lot more entertainment, no longer like before, whether large and small, entertainment, banquet will be with her. Mr. R is always in the middle of the night to sneak up call, the phone also set up a password. Screen is no longer a family of four group photo, but Mr. R's own self-portraits. The number of home has become less and less, sometimes only a few days to go home. Once more over, there are several weeks did not go home, his wife called to ask Mr. R R company, Mr. R represents all work on time every day, not a business trip. Suddenly one day, Mrs. R Mr. R's body smelled other perfume.

Women always have a sixth sense, her husband began to not caring, always make at home wife Luanxiang. But Mrs. R was afraid Mr. unjustly, but want to verify whether or not having an affair. Mrs. R in microblogging, found the Society. And the use of micro-channel and the Society staff made contact. Mrs R and her husband commissioned to help investigate why so stay away from home, to confirm whether having an affair.

According to the Society of Mr. R's lifestyle, for he developed a tracking program. First let's get to the wife of Mr. R R mobile phone, CCS employees in R outside the home too, and so get to the phone, Mr. R's mobile phone tracking and positioning. By assisting Mrs. R, look at consumer credit card records of Mr. R's, to see whether he has often recently in the restaurant, hotel or patronize a fixed location or room. CCS track a few weeks, Mr. R did not find records about people in the restaurant or to Jiudiankaifang. However, there is a new clue that Mr. R in its own name to rent a house in the H area. And he often went to H area, there are even a few days, commuting will go directly to the H area. Xinhua Mr R rented a room on the floor, to observe the situation of people across. Mr. R and found a woman of about thirty-something living illegally living in cohabitation H area, and has ambiguous action at home. Even the Society staff to inquire about this household, the security said Mr. R's wife. Emma investigation after a month in the community, and ultimately Mr. R had derailed.

Society will organize the information collected, and investigated the woman in his early thirties, Mr. R units downstairs, another single company employees, because often encounter gave rise to feelings, and thus to live one. R too know the truth of all things, do not want to embarrass her husband, and then decided to take the initiative to say that feelings are not divorced, Mr. R may also feel guilty, divorce and property after the transfer of assets to 2/3 R name too, too R finally guaranteed in life.

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