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Tracing Case 1

In the last half-century the 1950s, she was young, beautiful, elegant, attracting millions of men of all ages to produce her. When she was 25 years old, she was enamored of a police sergeant, she is the eldest of the family A, the rich and powerful, he just led the police meager wages. Status of the poor, A home against the two contacts. In one day 28-year-old, she eloped with A sheriff. Heard from since.

One day in 2015, the Society came up on an old lady wearing a simple, she sought help us. The old man fled from home is the year of A Missy, she wanted to find long-lost relatives, loved ones want to know whether there alive, would like to spend time with loved ones and old age. A woman with a description of the Society staff, then left home with only a Yinzhuo ancestral, and after the run out soon parted ways sweetheart, for decades are not remarried. A home and learned that the old lady, a young man she has a brother and a sister. Emma sent staff to the year A woman's home, and the local police station for information. A year after the eldest away, A home quickly fading, his brother died battlefield, sister marrying foreign land, now alive, A woman's loved ones to rest a sister.

Through a series of surveys that A second lady married to Shanghai, Shanghai has become a wealthy wife, now filial sons and daughters, the second lady's husband died, the family all year round and only two A lady at home. Entrusted by the Society, and to contact the second lady. A successful Head Office Contact Miss Second, and told her, A woman seeking help to tell what the second lady to CCS. But two Miss A strange year old lady home, regardless of family, tracing now come down again, think A selfish old woman. But Emma did not give up, Emma told A woman alone all these years and then frustrating thing to the second lady, and told her, A woman has not forgotten his family.

In the continuous efforts of the Society, and the second lady decided to recognize the eldest. One day in January 2016 to arrange a hotel in Shanghai two sisters recognize each other. Half a century of separation, when the sisters had, recognize each other, because flesh and blood, separated for too long, in time to meet each other and understand each other, cried.

A woman and two for Miss A successful tracing reunion thank the Society, the Society is willing to let a pseudonym to upload A family story.

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