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Examples of commercially survey

Hong Kong, is a bustling harbor lights Buyetian, in the eyes of opportunities everywhere businessman financial center, in the eyes of tourists is the glamorous shopping paradise.

C old man at a young age, a lot of hard work to do business career. Today, the net worth of million consistent, operates a very large scale group, L group. Have some achievements in various fields in Hong Kong. And there are a lot of buildings, cafes, supermarkets and shopping malls business. C old man with five children, he will most of the business most of all to take care of the children. One day by chance, Case C old man, went to inspect the Group companies are now in operation, found Recently, open factories in many parts of the Mainland bid several times over the years and lost their own competitive Group J, and multi-party bid, are just a little higher than the company's budget. Also found himself several cafes poor business recently and found that the former made no official launch of the new menu appears, soon to be the first to rival the Group I baked menu.

C old man was very puzzled why his group wanted to get multiple opportunities for development, the Group will be one step ahead of rivals? Emma's network learned by chance, secretly booked Emma's investigators and their own situation, and the distribution of the company's management told Emma's investigators.

Emma's quickly dispatched a staff kiki, through the relationship, KIKI soon be hired for the middle group L assistant. Emma's max also sent as a technician in Group L as a low-level employees, and let KIKI max complementary. KIKI main work is in the top group and lay a good relationship, each employee into the life of their friend, who is likely to troubleshoot screening betray trade secrets. The max, in order to repair or cleaning, etc. In some computer interfaces involved in diplomacy, bidding, such as the development of bugged monitoring. And Emma's headquarters who may be investigated by the far end. After months of spy investigation. KIKI found a small son, Mr. C Mr. C's, because wasteful life, like gambling, things not got the idea for the company. At an event, be counted under high-level Zhuadaobabing J League Group I and Group. Mr. Small C afraid of scandal, now has lost everything too, stand up to the two groups of coercion. The Group sold many times the confidentiality J, I two groups. The two groups want to devour the L Group. C after the old man knew he did not hate his son Guanjiao Hao, through some years of experience, to solve his son's handle. The abolition of the small Mr. C functions in the company. Mr. C off small way of getting money, so he went to L Group's inland supermarket company to do grass-roots, hone him. After the end of the investigation, under the witness of Mr. C, Emma's company removed eavesdrop on L Group, kiki max and also the task is completed.

Examples of commercially survey

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